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What is this bug in my Maple?

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I was milling up some maple today and I noticed these funny tracks in some of the wood. I cleared them out with a pick and then noticed the holes on the other side of the board. The holes had some yellow around them, and I picked out the thing in the other picture. Any ideas what this is? Should I be worried about having this wood in my shop?

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I am not a bug expert by any means, but if the critter was living, get it out of your shop..

Usually kiln dried wood, while it may show some bug tunnels and so forth , pretty much kills them but if its just air dried or has been exposed to insects , best to go to the side of caution .
Those holes are way too big for powderpost beetles. Other bugs do not attack dry wood. I see a lot of damage like yours in elm, pecan, and hackberry but have never found any live critters in dried lumber.
The "bug" was kinda like a slug, squished pretty easy. I think the lumber is air dried, I'll ask the guy I buy it from next time I see him
Looks like a carpenter worm to me. I had couple in a cedar log, but they were bigger. I believe they are the larval stage of a moth.
Larval stage of moths and beetles, flatheads or carpenter worms
Termites? I've even seen them in oak flooring. The holes do seem pretty big, though.
I'd say Powder post beetles, I found some wood in my garage with them in it. Weird/good thing was it was only in my maple, even with it mixed in with other species
Most times, depending on the time of yr the wood is harvested the wings and carcasses of dead termites and carpenter ants can be found in the tunnels. Carpenter ants produce an almost sanded look to their tunnels while termites are the Oscar Madisons of the borer world. Their tunnels are like rough sawn compared to s4f.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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