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what is it?

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Does anyone know what this is?

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It must be wood? yellow hart?
poplar ?
Think out side the box.. that's I have been advocating all along…hint #1… it is very hard!
You gave it away .The out side of a box.
boxwood? (thats a bit inside the box, i know) (i don't think it gets to this size in under 10000 years but couldn't resist the pan)
Hint #2 …. it is very very heavy.
hand stained wet MDF?
Ok here's my best shot
aspen, buckey,elder,goiabac,hackberry,magnolia,mulberry,obeche,osage orange,pau amerellio.
Quartern Sawn Wood.
A slab of some type of sedimentary rock, sliced across the layers?
quarter sawn rockwood
new guinea rosewood
David, close but CutNRun..wins…the slab is Sandstone. And it was cut on the Work Centre with a diamond blade mounted in a Makita 7 1/2" circular saw.
just be careful of the dust of this kind of cutting. if you did not wet cut it, the dust is very very dangerous and thin and can produce permanent damage to the lungs very fast.
We wet cut and only a small cross cut at that.. Just to show the capabilities. Worked a treat.
My guess would have been Ash. It really does look like wood.
now you can make headstones too !
if you keep advancing at this rate,
you'll be wearing a suit to work soon .
That is going to make some very heavy cutting boards or Lazy Larrys.
That is a "pre-Lazy Larry"
Rare type of wood that does whatever it is told to do by one "Larry" Degoose!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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