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What is good for breakfast where you live

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thought it might be fun to hear what other people like to eat for breakfast.

I'll start

Peggster and I have been on a biskets for breakfast roll for a couple months. We buy the cheapest little bake-your-own biskets and add yogurt butter, honey peanut butter and jelly. Peggy likes blackberry jelly and I like orange marmalade, cherry, fig and red current.

yum !

What are you folks having for breakfast ?


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Bacon, eggs, toast w/butter.
it's wood related because Peggy makes them on my cutting board
Weekdays: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

Saturdays: Pancakes w/syrup and butter

Sundays: Homemade biscuits w/Smuckers strawberry preserves and butter

BTW, I do the cooking.
Lots o' coffee. Something made from bread. Ideally, left over pizza, if I can get it. Other wise toast or biscuits.
Usually eat in my shop, so my breakfast has wood in it too!
Almost every morning, I fix grits for my family before I head off to work. However, my favorite, is bacon, eggs, grits and toast.
Muesli, a coffee, an orange.

Most mornings its just coffee… I know, not to good for me. My favorite breakfast I picked up a LONG time ago while I was in the Army, Bisuits and Sausage gravey with two eggs over easy on top….and lots of hot sauce.
I start off with a 20 oz. cup of coffee, while reading the morning news.

Then we have 7 grain bread toast with peanut butter.

We've been hooked on this for a long time.
Just coffee, two newspapers to catch up on the news (what there is of it) and then off to catch on the posts on LJs and try to finish this up by 6 to stay on schedule.
or cheerios.. or as a special cereal, my favourite - Shreddies..

and then when we have bonfire breakfasts: it's bacon, eggs, campfire hash, muffins, toast & jam, and crescent rolls baked over the fire.

Boy I luv windows.
Left and old uRL on my clipboards again! Grrr!
So I pasted it above without checking .

Usually it's one piece of bread with peanut butter folded in half, and a half bannana, and 8oz. glass of orange juice, and PILLS. When I allow myself to splurge, I love eggs benedict w/holindais sauce. Other splurges include eggs over medium (with white over the yoke) shanty fries or good home fries, Ummmmm, and spicy fresh hot sausage patties. You can't get shanty fries in a restaurant….My wife makes the best. It's hard for me to get good home fries too…. sometimes I get beef gravy on them. Think I'll splurge soon. Ha Ha!

My wife eats the other half bannana. It's my way of getting her to eat something nourishing.

I have a habit of forgetting to eat.

But I do drink a fair amount of coffee.

Over here, a very popular breakfast is roti canai and teh tarik.

It's what I missed the most about Malaysia when I was back in the States.
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I usually skip breakfast and sip tea until lunch. But this forum is making me hungry espcially Eric's post. I have some of that Roti in my freezer. I get it the Asian Market and warm it up on the cast iron skillet with a couple sunny side up eggs. That's fushion cooking.
I love a good ARMLET. But I have to fix it myself because Only a Clown Can Fix an ARMLET.
"DeputyDawg" Actually it's Polish Kilbasa or Smoked Sausage cut into small pieces, Onions, green peppers,sea salt and pepper and 3 eggs. But you gotta COOK IT WITH LOVE.
Around here we get chorizo and eggs quite a bit. Not Mexican chorizo but Basque chorizo. Or an omelette with chorizo and green chilis. Lots of cheese. Oh and, Dutch oven bisquits.
Used to be a place in Topeka, Kansas -"The Hawk's Nest", that served a mean Western Armlet (spelled just that way on the Menu Board). They had a yam pie that was good too.

But nowadays it's coffee, more coffee and two Golden Almond breakfast bars. Sundays I cook fried eggs for Pam and I - she gets cheese over the top and I have bacon on the side.
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