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What hardwood lumber matches Baltic Birch?

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I'm building a project table for my son. Baltic birch plywood top with a walnut perimeter. 4 drawers under the work surface. The face frame for the drawers will also be walnut, but he wants the drawer fronts to match the top. One option is to make these out of the same birch plywood in order to get a correct color match - but I'm not too crazy about the exposed lamination on the edges.

Baltic Birch doesn't seem to be available as a lumber.

Can anyone suggest a hardwood that is close (and available) to the pale white of the birch plywood that will finish well? Most of the birch lumber I'm finding on line looks pretty dark compared to the baltic birch ply. Anyone try and match up bass wood to baltic birch?

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What I do to get an edge banding to match the BB plywood is to cut a piece of BB the width of the thickness of the panel. Then I rip the cut piece of BB ply leaving a thin BB veneer. That is glued to the edge, perfect match.
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