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what hardware for flat, sliding shelf?

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My TV cabinet has a flat 25×25 surface. One each side of this surface is space for doors which slide straight out and hinges allow it to close in front. The custom cabinetry was built way back in the days of tube type TVs when a 27" TV was considered huge. The inside of the cabinet measures 30 inches wide.

Currently a 32 inch flat screen TV (28" wide) with it's stand sits on this surface. I purchased a 43" (39" wide) TV that is wider than inside the cabinet. What I want is to place the larger TV inside the cabinet at a 45 degree angle when not in use and pull it out past the front of the cabinet and rotate it for viewing. To do this, I want a sliding shelf, mounted on the existing surface.

I purchased a TV stand that allows the TV to swivel 45 deg. I want to secure the stand to a sliding shelf shelf (3/4 oak plywood) and mount it directly on top of that flat surface. The shelf needs to ride on hardware mounted to the flat surface and underneath the sliding shelf. It cannot mount on the sides of the shelf.

The shelf will allow the TV, pushed back diagonally in the cabinet, to pull forward about 10" or more in front of the cabinet, then rotate parallel to the front of the cabinet where it is wider than the cabinet and pushed back close to the cabinet.

I purchased undermount drawer slides but they mount at the front and back of a cabinet for a drawer. Picture your mother's wooden cutting board used to chop onions, etc sitting loose on a kitchen counter and slide it forward half way off the counter edge. The board would obviously fall off. I need some kind of hardware to allow it to be secure with a 40lb onion on it (about the TV weight)
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Some pictures would help, but there are lots of drawer slides on the market with a multitude of mounting configurations. You just need to do some shopping around to see what they are and then design the mounting accordingly. 40 # sliding out 10" shouldn't be a problem.
If your situation can accommodate it, my first thought would be to use ordinary side mound slides mounted this way:
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Agreed, drawer slides. As stated there are so many configurations, and performance ratings you should be able to find something that would work fine for a 25×25, and under 250 pounds, but with most at 100#
Have you considered using a telescoping or cantilever LCD wall mount?

Have seen the exact dilemma you describe in a hotel one time. If there is enough room for you to swivel the LCD 45° sideways inside the cabinet, then should be able use standard LCD back mount.

Hundreds of them to choose from; Aeon, Peerless, MonMount, Crimson,etc:

Follow up on my post from a few weeks back.

how do I post a couple pictures to show the final results?
I have seen a lot of people add a false back closer to the front and paint it dark black. They then add an articulating mount so they can pull the TV out if needed for better viewing or to attach cables. Have also seen some add custom cutouts for cable boxes and DVD players. Come to think of it I don't even think I have a DVD player anymore.
Follow up on my post from a few weeks back.

how do I post a couple pictures to show the final results?

- fixerjim
Posting pictures here is pretty easy.
Table Television Computer desk Output device Television set


Mounting a 40" wide TV in a 30" space.

Using a full motion articulating TV mount, I mounted it to a 3/4" sliding shelf. I used two surface mount sliders to the shelf pulls out about 18". Sliders, mounted flat, not vertical can be seen under the shelf. The allows the TV to move forward, rotate on it's axis in front of the cabinet, then pushed be back as shown for viewing.

When not in use, the shelf is pulled out to rotate the TV diagonally and pushed back inside the cabinet, then close the doors. As originally custom built, the doors pull forward, the swing shut to conceal what's inside the cabinet.

Here are three pics.

Brown Cabinetry Wood Drawer Shelf

Television Wood Television set Computer monitor Flat panel display


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Just use regular side mount drawer slides and mounted them perpendicular to how they were designed to be mounted. In other words mount them on there side to the bottom of the cabinet and to the shelf. Oops, our posts crossed.
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