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What glue for Boulle work marquetry

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I am about to embark on a series of boxes that will be covered with Boulle work marquetry. So the marquetry panels will include brass sheet, pewter sheet, faux tortoise shell (celluloid sheet) and the usual wood veneer.

The old texts suggest fish glue, and to rub/clean the marquetry panels surface with garlic before applying the glue and pressing. This is all good for a totally traditional approach, or for the restoration/conservation of antique pieces. Judging by the amount of Boulle that needs restoring, all be it after 200 years or so, due to the marquetry panels lifting, there must be a modern glue that should do the job, and last some what longer.

The glue needs to be able to give a little to allow for the differential in the expansion/movement of the different materials in the marquetry panel.

Cold cure epoxy comes to mind as any heat would encourage the brass and pewter to expand only to shrink as it cools down. But which brand/make.

So ….............. what other suggestions, or first hand experience is there out there?
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Look up Shipwright's blogs and projects
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