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What Drives You Crazy?

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Besides topics like this one, (grin) what drives you crazy?

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Putting something down and not being able to find it.

Of course there is just not being able to find something period!
Delays in posts loading or when you make comments due to slow Ad load time… lol Also that little KFC survey add that comes bouncing out onto the screen.
People in line who wait till they are told the price of their purchase to get their wallet out to pay.
People who accelerate to get in front of you and then drive below the speed limit, making you miss the green light.
People driving 10 mph while on their cell phone…...and then being surprised when they get the finger.
these are just for starters…....sometimes it seems the world is out to annoy me.. :)
Flame wars and folks being critical and unkind to one another and even worse when I allow myself to get caught up in that kind of activity .
1+ for A1Jim. Dislike ultra negative people.
Another + for A1Jim and Monte. Life is too short. Why make it miserable?
a1Jim's got it nailed. Try to understand each type of personality and be gracious unto them that confront you by speaking evil of you.
When I am driving down some divided highway, sometime in heavy traffic and some time not, at the speed limit 65 or so. When a car is coming down to enter on my right, heading for in the lane I am in, from their entrance lane. I can almost read there mind,,,,, its like coming around that loop at a comfortable 30-40 and not looking ether way, but rthere thinking is if only they could just swerve and get into the highways traffic lane at 30-40. Then as I brake, and they have traveled a bit at this speed. Suddenly HEY, they realize that the rest of the world around them is doing 65 or better. I can see them now looking into their rear view mirror, and NOW speeding up. This happens over and over.
Cell phone talkers, texters and emailers while they are driving, or sitting at a light when you have to honk to get them to move when the light changes. Then they act surprised that someone honked at them! Also slow drivers in the left lane. Keep up or stay right. It's the law in some states.
Questions such as:
What table saw, miter saw, drill press, etc. should I buy without any info as to what the poster is intending to use the tool.
If those posters would be more informative, we could be more helpful.
Not bein' snotty, just want be a source of info if I/we can.
Inane topics….like this one.
unwanted phone calls from telemarketers, so called charities, politicians, etc.
Yeah, I said besides topics like this one, Clint. (grin)
Nothing has to drive me crazy …..... I've been there for a long time. :)

To actually answer the question, the biggest peeve is people being inconsiderate of others. I don't care if it is driving, posting on the interwebz, shopping, or whatever else, we have become a very selfish society. Too many people are willing to cost someone else an hour in order to save themselves a minute.

That is one reason I really like a good community of woodworkers-many are willing to share time, techniques and even tools to help each other out or get someone started in the hobby/craft.
In general people….... I don't care to hear your phone call, I don't care to wait as you talk on the phone, I shouldn't have to wait for you to count out 43 cents in pennies (use the dollar and get more change), pay the extra nickel you think they overcharged you on or let me pay it so I can get on to what I need to do, know the videos you want to get at Redbox prior to going there (better yet rent online and pick them up), just buy the box of cereal it is clear that the calorie count doesn't really matter by your girth, you have the right away stop waving and drive idiot, etc…..
I am usually pretty easy going except for one major pet peeve. Rudeness.
I'll fall in line with A1Jim, Monte and Andy.
Doing 35-40 in a 30 mph zone, and somebody right on my bumper trying to make me do 50…
There is absolutely no better way to make me Slow Down and utterly observe the speed limit!
Things that drive me crazy….

People who constantly complain about everything on this website…..
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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