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What double sided tape do you use

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I'm trying to decide what tape to use for attaching templates to workpieces. I have a 1/2 wide Scotch brand. A roll of both permanent and a roll of removable. But there's got to be something better. What do you prefer?
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I usually use carpet tape. Get it at the big box store. eeLly sticky stuff. A couple of small pieces will secure the template well. I have never had any problem removing the residue of glue, but I wouldn't recommend allowing the pieces to stay together for too long.
I use double stick tape from Peachtree. Much better than what I could get locally. As mentioned, small pieces hold well.
Turners tape is much stronger than carpet tape.
This is the carpet tape I use. It is made from what appears to be woven fiber glass. I pulled out a few strands for the picture. You cannot tear this tape. The adhesive is very aggressive. The box reccomends it for permanent installations only, but I have found that it will peel off unfinished wood quite well. On some surfaces acetone may be needed to remove any residue.

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