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What do plane numbers mean?

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I've tried googling this, but maybe the answer is so simple that no one ever thought that this question would be asked. I've been trying to learn a little bit about handplanes by reading online, and have yet to figure out ifthere is any logic to the numbering scheme of handplanes. My only guess is that it may be some type of measurement in inches, but that doesn't seem right since I think I've seen things in the 60's. Can anyone tell me what the difference between a Stanley #5 and a Stanley #7? Also, are the numbers consistent between brands? I really appreciate any advice.
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Go to this web site. You will learn more about planes than you ever thought possible.
Hey, thanks, Chico!
I'd actually visited this site in my research, but for whatever reason did not find the page you pointed me to. I only had time to look at #1, but it looks like it will answer all my questions and then some. Thanks again!
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