Grizzly - G0715P 10" 2HP Hybrid Saw 30" rip (Rating: 2)

I recently sold my 15-year old Jet contractors saw on Craigslist with the intention of upgrading to Grizzly's new hybrid saw. I was tired of the extraneous sawdust the Jet produced even though I had the saw connected to a 2 HP Grizzly dust collector. Other than that, the Jet came perfectly set up, and I never had to make any adjustments through its 15 years of dedicated service.

I received the new Grizzly G0715P this past Tuesday, and had a neighbor assist me in locating it to my basement workshop. The saw assembled fairly easily; however, that's where it stops. I have a dial indicator, and immediately found that the saw blade stop was not set at 90 degrees. After correcting that adjustment, I found that the fence was way out of parallel to the miter gauge slot. After correcting that adjustment, I also found that the saw blade (I have a recently factory-sharpened Forest Woodworker II) was not parallel to the miter gauge slot. I tweaked the trunnions accordingly. The blade was in the uppermost position during this process. I did find the arbor runout within .001" tolerance.

Now for the interesting part. After I had everything done where I thought I was ready to go, I again checked the blade being parallel to the miter gauge slot. Surprise! It was off by about 40 thousands of an inch. This time the blade was about half way down. I again adjusted the trunnions to make it parallel. The dial indicator is attached to a TS Aligner, Jr., which is an awesome instrument. The alignment of the blade would now change as I raised and lowered it. It actually would swing in opposite directions as I raised and lowered the blade off of the half way up alignment. When the blade was all the way up the back end of the blade toes in, and when the blade was up enough to cut a 1" board the back of the blade toes out. I even tried putting a washer as a shim under one of the rear trunnion bolts, but it really didn't effect anything.

It's taken me from Tuesday to now, Saturday, to get this far. I'm tired and frustrated. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I'll revise my rating if I can get this mystery solved. The saw is in the basement to stay. I can't imagine what favors I'd have to ask to get help to carry it up the stairs.