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What can you tell me about these tools?

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I recently acquired a lot of old woodworking tools that I would like information on so that I am more knowledgeable about age,type of wood used to make, uses, value etc. You guys seem like a smart bunch with lots of experience, can anyone help?
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How can I add pictures to this question?
Are you using photobucket ??
No I wanted to use jpeg from my iPhoto
I don't want epople to have to go to my online shop to view them, I would rather upload them directly to my question….....
See this link
also you should be able to up load pictures when you first write your blog.
Tim, I am not as fast as you are. I had just downloaded the link to post here.

Sara, for posting to a project or workshop page you can download the pictures directly from your computer but for inserting a picture into a blog or forum topic you will need to follow the directions in the link that Tim provided.
Thanks Tim….I was trying to find that post.

Sara…while posting pics looks complicated…it really is not. But you will need a photo sharing site to be able to upload pics to your post. Photobucket is free and works well with Lumberjocks
Crap! I couldn't get them to go on Photobucket, but how about Flick'r? I think I have that one set up already. Thanks you guys, I will figure it out eventually. I appreciate you all trying to help me!
Flick'r would be just as good.

Welcome aboard Sara ;)
PurpLev is right….Flick'r will work just as well.
Why can't you just put in a pic from your browser? Why the jumping through flaming hoops?
I am pushing 50 and am self-taught on the computer. It's hard to teach an old cougar new tricks, especially jumping thru flaming hoops! Haha I will give Flick'r a shot, anyone dying to see the tools I am talking about can see them in my online shop , skip the girly stuff and go to the right hand "sections" list and click on "Guy Stuff and Fishing"
You guys are awesome, I am really impressed how nice you all are (and funny too!)
I'm sorry to say this but the tools listed there are over priced except the hand plane.
The hand plane is a gem although it looks like the metal pieces are rusty. That's a good decision not to clean the plane… people that intend to use the planes would clean it differently than a collector. You might want to either take the metal pieces out and photograph it or get some close ups of the metal pieces.
I actually have a vintage Bob's Big Boy like the one shown (should I admit that?)
I definitely agree with cmaeda, although I'd say the plane might be priced a bit high as well. ebay seems to be what sets the bar for prices. You can adjust prices upward if you have a huge selection to choose from as a tool dealer and people know they can get what they want from you with little fuss. you can adjust your prices downward if you are trying to sell locally (flee markets/garage sales/non-ebay internet venues). If you really want to get an idea of the prices, I'd search those items on ebay.
Well, then tell me what I should charge for them!! I don't know anything about prices, I have had to go by what I have seen listed elsewhere, like eBay. I HATE eBay and won't sell there because 99.9% of the sellers are such jerks. I go by what the eBay STORES sell stuff for, not individual sellers. It's really hard to find other prices for comparison. The plane's value was given to me by a guy that has a wood tool website, the new E.C.E. Primus planes are $150 and this is a nice old one.

To Dave: If you admitted you have one of those Bob's banks then I will admit I actually used to waitress there! Ha ha
"99.9% of dellers are such jerks?" Broad brush u paint with. I would then submit that i am in the .001% of E-Bay sellers…

BTW, those tools u want to sell…they're worth whatever someone is willing to pay u.
In order to use eBay as a pricing standard - do not use the eBay-Stores… instead do a search for finished auctions on a particular item - and average the actual selling price from those. I don't think it would be right for anyone here to name the prices for you.
What Purp said…
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