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What can I turn this tool into? Modifying a Jet Brushdrum Sander

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Well, I have this thing sitting around my garage doing nothing but wasting precious space. I am in the middle of redoing my garage since my big Craigslist haul and I'm not quite sure I need this. It is a Jet Brushdrum sander but unlike most that have a flap sander on one end it just has 2 drums. I find that due to the size of the drums and it being so hard to accurately control wood while trying to use it that this thing is of no use to me. I hate to get rid of it because it does have a good sized motor on it that may be worth tinkering with at some point in the future. Besides my research has shown anyways that I would be lucky to get $100-$150 out of this and if that is the case the motor alone is worth that much to me. I was thinking about possibly, somehow, turning this into a double disc sander? Maybe be able to keep 2 grits on the machine and build some kind of wrap around table for both sides. It looks like to me that these are 1" shafts on this though which from what I have found online..means I would be fabricating my owns discs. This is something I am not sure I am able to tackle. Does anyone else have one of these machines that actually finds them useful for woodworking or does anyone else have a plan that might be better than mine. Hell, does anyone think my plan for this would even work?
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That would be a useful tool for somebody doing
reproduction furniture… cabriole legs and so forth.

The issue with turning it into a disk sander, assuming
you can get the discs to run true, is that you'll lack
the tilting tables that make disc sanders so useful.
Sure, you can build wood tables but having done
that myself, I currently have my eye out for a solid
vintage disc sander with a good table design. I've
been making chairs and there are times when
the ability to precision sand compound bevels
would be most useful to me.
I would build tables on both sides an make self feeding drum sanders just add some rollers under sanders build case around them
I had thought about it before, but I picked up a Delta x openendded drum sander so really don't need to make another one.
You should just leave it as it is. These machines are very popular in commercial production shops. Typically they are called pneumatic or balloon Sanders. It's far cheaper and simpler just to buy a disc sander than to try to convert this. This would not make a very good drum sander as the balloon is not perfectly flat you would not get evenly sanded pieces. Put it on craigslist or some of the other woodworking forms and you should have no problem selling it for more than you think it is worth.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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