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What Building Materials are WAY Expensive Right Now?

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Building a home and trying to be mindful of what materials costs are crazy expensive right now. I'm familiar with where wood is, but how about...


Also on any of these if there is a market index to track (the way you can track the LBS ticker for lumber) would be helpful to know it.

For anyone that cares, the current price on wood (LBS) can be tracked here.
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All types of metal prices are tracked via Producer Price Index(es). FRED has a list for Metal and Metal Products: Metals and Metal Products | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Concrete pricing tends to fluctuate wildly based on local supply/demand, but FRED also tracks a price index: Producer Price Index by Industry: Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing

Drywall is made of Gypsum, and again FRED has a commodity tracker for Gypsum building materials: Producer Price Index by Industry: Gypsum Product Manufacturing: Gypsum Building Materials

PPI are average price indicators, not spot pricing at local distributor.

Electrical prices are driven by combination of steel and copper pricing, with copper pricing having the largest impact. Copper is bought/sold as commodity, and there are charts with past, current, and futures pricing. There is also a NYSE steel commodity index of current/future prices.

Last but not least:
Home building material costs are wacky. There is the spot market (now), and contract pricing. These tend to lag trading market indicators, but follow the PPI. Spot market prices go up fairly quickly, but only drop when prices drop for 6+ months. Large home builders lock in pricing with fixed price contracts over the term of large development projects, with minor adjustments for inflation to protect the seller.

IMHO - You build a home when you need it, and don't worry about materials prices as they are ALWAYS getting more expensive, and rarely become cheaper.
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Asphalt shingles have gone up. Tear off hasn’t gone up very much plenty of cheap labor
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Everything has gone up just some more than others. Theres also the not in stock problem with some stuff
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