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What Brings You Joy?

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Outside of your passion for woodworking, what brings you joy?

Moments like this one, bring me joy…

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Wildlife photography and being out in Nature.
Family,helping others, I love nature also and folks helping folks type news stories.
Oh yea
Happy babies

Nose Smile Cheek Skin Lip

Cheek Smile Eye Baby & toddler clothing Gesture

Vertebrate Comfort Baby Happy Flash photography

Forehead Nose Cheek Skin Smile

Smile Eye Iris Happy Baby

not my photos


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Peace and quiet at home. Not dealing with traffic.
There are numerous things that bring me joy, but I have to agree, happy kids top the list.

Catching bass over 10 lbs, pleasing the wife and daughters, performing good to excellent woodworking.
Outdoors in general… A crisp cool morning or a gentle breeze one afternoon. I enjoy sitting out on the swing under the tree and the tone of the wind chimes. Wading a secluded creek for some smallies, photography, and always my kids having a good time.
LOTS Of "Stuff".

Fishing, But with a "Friend" along for the FUN! Especially Children who have never been Fishing before. ONE Fish …. They're HOOKED!

Not necessarily in this order but … Largemouth Bass, Pike, & Muskie.

Photography as you can see below. Children, People, & Nature.

Classic Car Restoration. A Good Friend has a shop that specializes in doing that. I work for FREE when I go there …LOL..

(Next Post) We did my 1979 Corvette there. Complete "Body Off" Restoration back to Original. With the exception of the Engine/Motor. It's now a 350 Modified Chev that just "Gets Up & GOES!!".

(Fishing Pics Only Below)

Smile Thigh Happy Grass Lingerie top

Smile Food Gesture Happy Seafood

Bird Organism Beak Art paint Gesture

Organism Fish Fisherman Adaptation Water


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Knowing my children are doing better than I did.
Coconut cream pie. Grand kids. Snorkeling in the Caribbean. Amanda Clark getting her Revenge. German Chocolate Cake. Lots of things.
MY 1979 Corvette Body Off Restoration. 1.5 Years Approx. To Complete. Most of it at My Friends Shop.

One Big Problem was getting all of the Correct Parts. I live in Canada and 90% of the New Parts had to come from the USA. 40% to 50% of the time they were the Wrong Parts. Try Again & Again.

KACHING! KACHING! $$$$$$'s Galore!

Sliding that 350 Chev in there was the Crowning Glory. We had the "Standard" 350 Re-Built at a Motor Shop that Specializes in "Stepping Things Up A Little". As in 500+ HP!

Anyway. It's DONE Now and I OWN IT!! ...LOL..

I'd do it again in a Heartbeat!

The JOY of Doing it and the Joy of now Driving It …..... Beats a Root Canal any day of the week!! ;-}

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Wheel Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Car seat cover

Vehicle Car Steering part Motor vehicle Gear shift

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Data storage device


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Widdle, you can choose not to open posts in the off topic forums. (smiles)

Coffee Lounge Forum
Need a break from all the standing and wood dust? Chat with your Forum Friends about their projects, their life, their philosophies, and get to know each other better. Whether you drink Coffee, or Soda Pop, grab a cup/can, and enter the world of our Non-shop Talk.
Nice Vette Rick. I used to have a 69.

Did you bother to READ the Title? "Outside of your passion for woodworking, what brings you joy?"

This is also "Coffee Lounge Forum" as Cricket has pointed out. It's there for NON Woodworking Topics.

ALL of the other Posts here have nothing to do with "Woodworking" either.

1525 Days and you still haven't figured it out?

Read My "Signature Line".
Sporting a 77' myself. ;)
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Plant

( Not as clean as yours though )


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Questioning the meaning of life and coming up with a meaningful answer that can not be refuted.
lateralus819, is that you playing? This is great!

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