Husky - Factory Reconditioned 2 Gallon Portable Electric Dual-Output Air Compressor Kit (Rating: 4)

So I had wanted an air compressor, but didn't really feel that I had the space and money for one. I felt that a table saw would be a much more worthy purchase. At the same point I am always looking into what new tools I can buy and poking on I found this guy. Originally $60 but they had it down for $40. I had some credit card rewards so after shipping and tax it only cost me like $13.

This is a reconditioned kit and while it certainly looks it (some small scratches and dings), it doesn't look like its been abused. The compressor is not huge (obviously at only 2 gallons), but for my needs it certainly works. It has a built in hose to do inflating or can be used as a blower. It also has a pre-attached hose on the the other side that could be unscrewed or changed to a quick release valve. Wasn't quite sure about the gun since I couldn't find it online and one part of the item listing said brad and another said stapler. Upon opening it I saw that it was a 1 1/4" 18 ga. brad nailer. The kit also came with oil and 200 1 1/4" nails. Nothing is overwhelming on this kit and even though its reconditioned it is still worth the price. Can't wait to get into more projects with this little steal.