Bostitch - PN50 (Rating: 5)

this is my first tool review and i had to take my own pictures
as i couldn't figure how to load the ones from the net

i wanted a pneumatic impact nailer for some time now
and have used various ones over the years

they are generally the size of a grapefruit
and have strap to keep them in your hand

they are great for attaching metal hurricane clips
and any metal strapping to joists and rafters

because of the closeness and the shorter nail length used for this
a hammer can be dangerous
as your fingers are right close to the hammer head strike
and resting against sharp metal as you work
a to close accident waiting to happen

i went to lowes where they cost around $80 t0 $100
for the standard ones and they were out of them

as i was doing my floor for the shop
and had many metal connectors to attach
i googled them and saw many brands at all different prices

then i saw this one from bostitch
from tool barn
for $29.99 plus $8.99 shipping for a total of $38.98 delivered

so i got one

when it arrived 5 days later
i was shocked to find this little toy nailer
half the size of the ones i had used before

i was going to send it back thinking it was for little things
boxes and such but it had a quality feel to it
and fit my hand perfectly and had a swivel hose plug in
well for that price what the …..

so i went under the shop and tried it out

BRTTTT nail home !

tried it on some 16 d nails just for fun

BRTTTT nail home !

it has a magnet in the nose that holds the nail
(they all do)

the only drawback i had was sometimes i put a nail in the nose
and moved the safety shroud and it started when i pushed in the nail to it
so i learned not to hold the nail by the point
but by the side instead

but after hundreds of nails
i got the hang of it real good

couldn't be happier

the older bigger ones are really a handful (pun intended)
and too cumbersome compared to this little gem

five stars for sure !