Quangsheng/Qiangsheng - #4 Bedrock smoother, #5 Bedrock jack and #6 Bedrock foreplane (Rating: 5)

2 years experience
I bought these planes a couple of years ago. I didn't want to give my verdict on them before getting enough experience with them to really know if I liked them or not. I also wanted to compare them with my regular Stanley planes. The Quangsheng planes are the ones with the light beech totes in the photo above.

My Experience with hand planes in general
Prior to this purchase my only experience with hand planes has been my Stanley #5 jack plane I bought about 30 or 40 years ago and a Stanley #4 smoother purchased about 4 years ago and a Stanley block plane. Even though I had the #5 a long time, I never really knew much about hand planes except how to sharpen them. It's only in recent years I've learned how to prep them and adjust them for best results. Since then I have learned a lot more about hand planes on LJ, youtube and the web with the result than my Stanley's are now top performers too.

The bottom line
In my opinion the Quangsheng Bedrock type planes are excellent quality at a reasonable price point. The blades hold an edge a long time even with heavy use and the adjustments are precise. I did not have to level the frog seats or the frog surfaces. They were nicely machined, smooth and dead flat. I got beautiful results planing my two shop-made bench tops and everything else I have used them for.

They are pretty heavy
My only reservation about these planes are the weight. I'm old (76) and arthritic so I do feel the extra weight compared to my Stanleys, however, I doubt this would be a problem for younger or healthier folks, so I won't downgrade my 5 star rating for this point.

Comparison with Lie Nielsen planes
It is my understanding that the Quangsheng Bedrock design is a Lie Nielsen knock-off with just a few small differences. That said, the LN planes still come out on top, but according to various reviews I have read, not significantly. This is only second hand information on my part since I have never used an LN plane, so if I'm wrong please go easy on me. Price is where the Quangsheng planes really excel compared to LN at roughly about half the price (for me anyway). Mine were bought under the brand name 'Dick' from Dictum, a German tool retailer on the net.

For first time plane buyers
If you are thinking about buying hand planes and want new ones without a lot of tuning fuss, then quangsheng planes could be a good investment, but if you don't want to spend a lot then some older used Stanleys would be a better choice and you can learn how to get them into prime condition with a little elbow grease and info available on the net.