Ridgid - EB4424 Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander (Rating: 5)

I find this sander outstanding to use. I purchased this when I realized I would be sanding forever on all those little pieces that made up the two excavator I built. Very easy to use and changing belt to spindle is a snap. Just remember it has left handed threads. I have read on the internet that people had problems with the tracking on the belt. Sure, mine did not track straight right out of the box, but it took a total of 15 seconds for it to track dead straight. You set it once and that's it. Of course of you change sand paper you may have to tweak it a bit.

It was a breeze to put together and it runs very quite. All the accessories have a place you store on the machine which is nice. I think Rigid did a bang up job on this one. I guess that's why Fine Woodworking list it as a must have tool.

Yes, I would by this one again