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The start..

Plank of Maple.
Brown Wood Automotive tire Art Font

A 1×6 x 5' left over from other projects….seemed a shame to just leave it lying around…

We have a plan, though…
Rectangle Font Parallel Drawing Pattern

And we have a "Prototype"...
Wood Rectangle Beige Hardwood Shelf

Something Paul Sellers called his "Desktop Organizer"....plans are from his Master Class Series.

First, I need to cut that plank down into more easy to use parts…
Wood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Need 2 pieces at 12-1/2" long…
Wood Gas Rectangle Bumper Font

Square a cut line…Hmmm..tablesaw? Nah..
Wood Tints and shades Plank Metal Pattern

D8 ( was made before the hyphen) Panel saw…20" long, 10ppi…had 4 cuts to do…a lid panel, a panel for the bottom, a panel for the front/back sides, and a panel for the 2 ends…
Wood Rectangle Outdoor furniture Outdoor bench Grass

Piled up? Which left…
Wood Rectangle Twig Tree Font

This handsome fellow….Maybe cut a few drawer parts from it?
Wood Rectangle Font Plank Trunk

At 7/8" thick, all of these need to be resawn….lid to 11/16", the "base" needs to be 1/2" thick….decided to make the 4 sides at 3/8" thick… well as the drawer parts….

Can't trust the bandsaw, it makes more waves than the Irish Sea….even IF I cut a kerf for it to follow, first….it still goes it's own way. I can set up the tablesaw to at least cut a kerf…
Wood Urban design Engineering Composite material Metal

Blade is as high as it can be raised…but…
Outdoor bench Wood Rectangle Outdoor furniture Table

It can't reach the center of a 1×6….Still, IF I run the 5 boards through on all their edges, I can get a kerf for another saw to follow….Needed to set up that rip fence for whatever thickness I was going to need…and run a board through..4 times…
Wood Plant Rectangle Composite material Gas

So, how to remove that web in the middle? Old school, of course..
Motor vehicle Wood Gas Automotive exterior Metal

I first tried it like this…was having issues with the board wanting to tip on over…results?
Wood Rectangle Table Grass Gas

Got to thinking…maybe try the end vise of the bench? See IF the vise will open up enough..
Wood Gas Rectangle Metal Machine

Might just work. Saw down to just above the jaws….turn end for end…and saw again…
Wood Hardwood Door Wood stain Plank

Just follow that kerf…Have to be careful….as when I get to the first cut…
Wood Gas Rectangle Composite material Font

That 28" long D8 Rip saw will DROP! Using a 2 handed grip, means my left pinky is right at the front edge of the handle….which will slam into that sharp corner…and it will leave a mark….so…last few strokes or done one handed…saves my finger, and the top of the bench….results?
Wood Grass Rectangle Outdoor furniture Plant

I think we have a plan…2 pieces done…only 3 more to do.

Managed to get 4 pieces done….was getting soaked…this IS a Cardio Workout, after all….decided to stop for the day ( Friday, anyway) and try again the next day….

Stay tuned


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More work for the saws

Resaw #3 results..
Wood Rectangle Grass Table Tints and shades

Tablesaw seems to have a wider kerf than the D8….not a biggie..Resaw #4 was about the same….just an inch less to saw through….

The next day ( Saturday) Resaw #5…
Wood Urban design Composite material Landscape Metal

Was for that "knotty" end board…
Wood Natural material Grass Trunk Plank

I figure to cut the best out of these 2…
Wood Table Grass Lumber Plank

To make the back and 2 sides of the drawer….

Next, reset the tablesaw…and rip things for width….more like 4" ..
Wood Rectangle Table Tap Gas

Then a plane can be used…
Wood Automotive exterior Metal Building material Motor vehicle

Edges jointed…faces smoothed flat…
Wood Gas Automotive tire Saw Machine

To get rid of the rip saw's saw marks. The panel for the front of the box, needs split..
Table Wood Rectangle Grass Hardwood

Part for the front of the top compartment..
Table Wood Rectangle Hardwood Office ruler

And the lower half for the front of the drawer…Done right, the grain will match up between the two pieces

Road surface Asphalt Soil Wood Pollution

After about 90 minutes in the shop, was soaked through, cramps were trying to start….time to sweep up this pile, and head upstairs…..have an Ice Cold Tonic & Gin awaiting me…

Sunday? Layout work for a compartment bottom panel, and start on dovetails…

Stay tuned


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Sunday's Funnies

Parts for the 4 sides have been milled down a bit..
Wood Composite material Metal Rectangle Steel

A back and the 2 ends….was trying to line up to where the grain match up…
Wood Urban design Composite material Roof Rectangle

I saved one of the resaw scraps…decided to try it out as the floor of the compartment..
Wood Gesture Rectangle Hardwood Grass

The front of the box, uses a rebate to hold the floor up..laid that out…
Wood Wood stain Hardwood Rectangle Plank

And transferred that around to the other 3 sides,,,measuring down from the top of each..
Wood Rectangle Grass Urban design Tints and shades

Wood Rectangle Flooring Plank Hardwood

Which should have made laying out dovetails easy enough…got out a couple tools..
Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Gas Motor vehicle

Kept double checking the direction the pins were going….eyes didn't seemed to think it was "right"....

Got out the "new" $2 backsaw, .....
Wood Engineering Building Metal Urban design

And see if it can earn it's keep…
Wood Metal Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part

About 8 strokes per cut, no binding, no drifting in the cut, and easier to hold onto….might be a keeper.

Set up the chopping block..
Green Wood Plant Gas Automotive tire

Then cleaned it up a bit…yes, I even used a knife line….
Wood Rectangle Composite material Pen Tool

Used this to trace out for the tails…
Wood Floor Flooring Composite material Hardwood

Something still wasn't quite….right…first dry fit…found out the "end" was bass-ackwards…no a really big deal, just transfer the grooves lines to the other face…irksome, though…about the 3rd dry fit..
Wood Rectangle Gas Composite material Hardwood

At least this is a back corner….I was also on Laundry Detail…at the same time..
White Laundry room Washing machine Clothes dryer Gas

And once this load was done in the washer, and loaded into the dryer…shop would be closed…would be a bit to toasty to work, otherwise….swept things up, called it a day….

Monday? Shop was closed for the day…that "Monday" thing….

Maybe later today? We'll see…stay tuned…


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Tuesday's Troubles

Well, things started out nicely enough, wanted to try to get some more corners done..THAT WAS THE PLAN..
Until time to take the first photo…"Memory card is full, ".....guess no pictures, today? Worked about 2 hours in the shop..corners #2 and #3 were dry fitted…grooves and a rebate ploughed…floor board panel trimmed down to fit..

Toes were trying to cramp up…still ticked off about the camera…stopped for the day ( I thought..) and went upstairs to deal with that camera.

made a copy of the card's file, moved that to a safe place….then hit SHRED! for what was on that card…Cold Tonic & Gin to cool me down…loaded up the camera, again …with the now empty card…and went to take a few photos, to see IF that worked…

Tasks done?
Wood Rectangle Composite material Gas Hardwood

Still needing fine tuning, but corners 2 and 3 were dry fitted…then..
Tool Engineering Motor vehicle Auto part Revolver

Set up to run 3/16" wide grooves. Cam Rest to keep the plane from tipping over…Stanley 45s also does not like it when boards are shorter than it is..
Wood Table Flooring Rectangle Hardwood

Tends to wiggle along…also needed a rebate milled, where the floor board meets the front of the box….rotate the cam rest up, out of the wayand slide the fence over to the cutter..depth stop stays the same..
Tool Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Wood Aircraft

Once a few parts could be dry fitted together, I could trim a panel down to size…and attempt a fit…a few times..
Wood Tool Hand tool Hardwood Gas

Which involved the Mitre Box to cut to length, test fit…...meh..WR #62 to peel enough end grain from both ends, until the length looked good…..Width was about an inch too wide….mark a cut line, bandsaw, leaving the line…#62 to peel enough that the panel was a slip fit….
Wood Road surface Composite material Wood stain Flooring

Which left this corner for the next (hopefully better) day…

Stay tuned….


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Wednesday's session

Goal was to get Corner #4 done, and a glue up….#4 seemed to want to fight..
Wood Architecture Font Rectangle Art

3 tries to get this far….to where I could saw and chisel the waste away….then trace around to lay out the tails..
Wood Rectangle Composite material Hardwood Plank

Bandsaw cuts, because I can SEE where I am cutting. Chisel to remove the waste…a few dry fits and tweaks later,,was try a full dry fit…...something wasn't lining up just right….Groove was not lined up with the rebate…straightened that out….then glue, a brush, and a few clamps….
Wood Engineering Composite material Gas Automotive tire

Where the floor board rests in the rebate…there is a bead of glue….needed a couple more clamps to make sure things go together…
Wood Composite material Engineering Tool Metal

And, let this mess sit a day..
Stay tuned..


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Thursday's time in the shop

Clamps came off….all of them….some will return after a bit…right now, I need to clean things up
Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle Gas

Flatten the sides and tops and bottom edges…checking and fixing for square…
Wood Rectangle Parallel Beam Plank

Once that was done, I had another task or two to do….Prototype has a molded edge to the base…
Furniture Wood Rectangle Drawer Chest of drawers

And, the only way to make this detail?
Wood Crosscut saw Saw Tool Metal

Yep. So, center the box up on the base ...
Outdoor bench Furniture Wood Rectangle Outdoor furniture

Trace around the box…and clamp the base into the vise…to work on the end grain ends first..
Wood Natural material Hardwood Plank Wood stain

One line down the center of the edge, slowly round over between that and the traced line…something like this. then, turn the board and work on the other face…
Wood Gas Tints and shades Font Metal

Refine the shape with some sandpaper…do both ends first, then repeat for the long grain sides…until..
Wood Road surface Composite material Gas Asphalt

What Sellers calls a Crisp Corner….....time for glue, a brush, and some clamps..
Wheel Wood Gas Automotive tire Tire

Yes, things are glue in place…just like Sellers did…and that is the way the Prototype was made….no issues..

Letting this sit a day….stay tuned….


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Friday's work

Involves the lid to this box..
Wood Table Rectangle Grass Flooring

Prototype says I need a rebate all the way around…box is out of the clamps, so..
Outdoor bench Table Wood Outdoor furniture Rectangle

Set the box upside down onto the lid's blank…get it centered up..trace around…knife the lines..
Wood Automotive tire Tool Wood stain Hardwood

Because I'll be going across the grain on the ends…
Black Wood Line Font Music

Can set the spur into the knife line…do both ends…then reset a few things..
Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Line Font

Like rotating the spur up out of the way..then reset the fence…and peel away the waste..
Motor vehicle Wood Engineering Automotive exterior Machine

Clean things up (high spots?) with the router plane…that hand plane will be used next…just like on the base, I have a round-over to do…
Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Chair Tints and shades

Do the ends first, then the long grain sides to match…
Rectangle Outdoor bench Outdoor furniture Wood Gas

Sand the profile until it looks decent enough for Polite Company…and see how it sets on the box…

That's it for Friday's work…stay tuned for today's


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Still had a drawer to build....more like a drawer box, and then add a front to the
Motor vehicle Wood Machine Gas Metal

Mitersaw to trim part for length...
Wood Rectangle Table Floor Flooring

The "box" gets glued to a plywood panel...the false front also covers the front edge of the panel...
Wood Rectangle Grass Hardwood Flooring

Then the 4 sides of the box were planed down to match the height of the drawer front..

Through dovetails to connect the 4 corners..then a brush and some glue...
Automotive tire Wood Line Gas Rim

Not only the dovetails were glued up, but the drawer's bottom was glued on, too. Plywood also helped align the box for square...Glue dried?
Wood Line Gas Machine Metal

The Front was glued on the the box...allow this to dry....have a few square holes to fill
Stay tuned...

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No what what I would have used to plug these holes...
Wood Composite material Rectangle Slope Plywood

They would still a little bit of Green & Green...I'll highlight them, instead..

Had a small scrap of Rosewood....tablesaw to make a few cuts...
Wood Composite material Plant Roof Hardwood

To make a few strips..
Wood Wall Gas Hand tool Tool

A few different better fit the holes...still needed a chisel to adjust a size, or two...
Green Wood Rectangle Grass Wood stain

A drop of glue, then trim flush....figured that when the Witch's Brew hits the plugs (6 of them)...
Wood Table Rectangle Natural material Gas

The plugs will just turn black, anyway..even around in back...
Wood Rectangle Gas Font Outdoor furniture

You might have to look closely to see them...but they are there. As for the drawer...cleaned up all the glue joints, found the center point and drill a small hole in the front..
Wood Rectangle Outdoor furniture Wood stain Table

And glue in a small wood knob. then close the lid..before a horde of tools show up...
Wood Rectangle Outdoor furniture Table Automotive exterior

Then all that is left to add a finish...suitable for stay in a working woodshop..
Results are posted in Projects.

Thanks for looking in
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