Staedtler - 24" Mars Series T-Square (Rating: 5)

So I've grown tired of using a 24" framing square when laying out larger workpieces and other shop projects.In my hands, the larger framing squares are a bit cumbersome. Knowing I will need a larger square to make a cross cut sled and to install a new fence on my table saw, I began looking for options. I remember reading that drafting squares are typically inexpensive and fairly accurate. Cheap and accurate? Thats a winner in my book.

I'm always weary of buying measuring tools online. Its my luck that the product would arrive with visiable damage or obvious manufacturer defect. So I headed to my local Staples and found the Staedtler Mars 24" T-Square. Shelf price was $12.49. Construction and materials are straight-forward. The head and main portion of the beam are made of some unidentified wood. The wooden beam is also lamintaed between two pieces of acrylic. I'd call the quality of construction "adequete". Given the low price, "adequete" is good.

Accuracy is also good. I checked it against a known square piece of 18×18 plexiglass and again on my table saw top. A miniscule amount of deviation MIGHT have been noticed at the very end of the beam. I'm talking a small fraction of one degree, and I'm not even sure if its not perfectly sqaure. That said, in my world, its good enough. And the couple projects I've used this on so far have turned out well.

I gave this five stars because I'm happy with the balance of value/quality/performance. I do kind of wish I paid the extra money for an aluminum model since I'm now convinced I'll use this tool a lot and I feel that a metal square will last longer. But I'm a satisfied customer nonetheless.