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I thought it might be fun and educational to have a forum to discuss weird, uncommon wood species and their use in woodworking projects. I see a lot of wood ID forums, but few forums like this. My hope would be for a lot of great pictures of weird woods with some discussion about use, drying, unique issues, etc.

To get things started, here is some lilac my father cut down from my grandfather's property.

Wood Beige Landscape Hardwood Tints and shades

Wood Hardwood Automotive exterior Bumper Wood stain

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Flooring Plywood

We saved a bunch of pieces, maybe slightly thicker than 4/4, waxed the ends and left them stickered to dry. A year later you can see how much the wood twists when drying. Lilac has some unique color to it, sometimes with some vibrant purples (not seen here) but it is very difficult to get anything with much width or thickness. These pieces will be used in a memorial cribbage board as inlay.

So what are some weird woods you have worked with?


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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