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Website Speed slowing since 11-27-11...

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Just wondered if anyone else has noticed the same thing…

At this point I don't know what is causing my slowdown…
... maybe this is part of it…

So, anyone experiencing the site being SLOWER recently??

Thank you…
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Same thing here Joe.

Notice that projects gallery is not working because they are working on the site.
Haven't noticed any slowdown recently. Projects gallery works fine for me. I'm located in Charlotte, North Carolina area.
Seems to be a lot better right now…

Just prior to posting… it was SLOW…
Major slowdown for me in the last two weeks. I could plot it from my htpc but I'm not on it right now.
I've noticed it, too…...Much slower than usual….it finally comes up, but S--L--O--W…..

Could be too many people on at the same time trying to use it….don't know…..
Graphics downloads on site are very slow and not all of them even show up. Posting takes a long time too, and sometimes fails to post (just like this one did - I started over). I'm using Chrome and it does a pretty good job of informing you why it can't contact the website; does not play up on any other site.
doggin down on me a bit lately too …
might be hackers
trying to get us to buy more tools

yesterday i did have lots of trouble
the site would go to an old version
all black and white

as i was doing some PM's
adds for dating would show up

but i quit
when one for gay guys came on
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Poor David, didn't know which way to turn.
hey roger
i did turn off the computer
and am reading a book
about the founding of australia

i don't know what is going on
with the adds sometimes

but i do know what i like

and that ain't it
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Up date your computer for the next 3 yeas, Joe. That's what they want you to do. Business is business.
Really slow for me. And doesn't display right many times.
It is S L O W right now… for me! 12 min. after the hour…
Same here Joe , connection times out and then I see this …...
Font Material property Parallel Screenshot Number


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Joe, I think you are right.

I am a techie, with a super fast computer and a fast cable modem connection.

There are definitely a lot of problems with the site the last few days.

I just tried to post this, and the connection got lost, and didn't post my note.

So this time I wrote it in a text editor so I wouldn't have to write it again. The problem seems intermittant. I am betting the ads are the issue.
OK, it took me three times to get the above post accepted.

So no question, there is a problem.
big problem here now too
half format
pictures not loading

i guess we wait
It seems to be a widespread problem. My wife uses the sister site, GardenTenders, and sees the same problems.
Now my personal settings are not loading properly .
Rectangle Font Technology Electronic device Parallel

( kidding aside, things are slow)


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