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Warped beam

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Looking for suggestions on how to straighten a warped beam. It's 8×8x15' oak. Pretty warped. Thought about driving a car on it. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
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not gonna happen, live with it or plane it square, or rectangle,
good luck with ideas.
rj in az
+1, you are not going to permanently straighten it without serious heat and a strong press. And if it was already kiln dried, even that won't work. Regardless, getting it perfectly straight is unlikely. You will have to mill it into smaller dimensions to straighten it.

EDIT to add: And when you mill it, it is very likely to warp some more as you release some internal tension.
There's no such thing as unwarping wood.
Look at one of the ends do you see the center of the tree.
Thanks for the replies. Doesn't sound like it'll happen, but think I'll try a steam pressure washer and park my excavator on it.

I think it started straight and warped under the load. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Thanks again
Should be an interesting project. Post pics!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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