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Want to buy tool lot

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Hello. I am embarking on a new career path in wooden boat building here in Canada. I need to set myself up with a whole lot of hand woodworking tools. I was respectfully hoping to connect with someone who may have the need to say goodbye to their much loved tools. I think I can I can pay a fair value for them and I offer the honour, respect and a good home that they deserve. Happy to hear from any and all comers. Thank you!
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Check and other sites like that. If you put an ad there you will probably find what you are looking for.
Will do kijiji come to think of it, have one up on Craigslist now, I guess I best renew it as it has been 2 days. Thanks
Whoa. Slow down a little and be careful.

Depending on what type of wooden boat building style you are planning on, you won't need that many to get started. If you don't have an overall plan, you can go broke trying to go out and buy a full set to start with. You will also get a lot of stuff that you really won't use. Many of the special tools are high dollar but really not needed that often. Some of the basics will go a long way. Remember, you are going to be looking at a lot of odd angles and very little that is square and working with pretty big stock.

I suggest that you look at getting few good old gouges and chisels. You don't need that many to start. A real slick is high on the list. Probably the first tool that you will reach for with traditional boat building. Look for good quality old stuff. Witherby, Pexto,and Greenlee will be your best bet. Hard to get anything as good and almost impossible to find better with new stuff.

Spoke shaves and a pair of high and low angle block planes. Maybe a scrub plane. Toss in a jack plane for good measure.

A couple of the Japanese saws (one big, one small) are hard to beat to get the most bang for your money. A bow saw with a turning blade can be really useful.

Rasps and files.

A brace and a set of bits.

Maybe an adze and a drawknife.

Lots of marking and measuring stuff. A whole herd of bevel gauges and squares. A compass and set of dividers.

After getting outfitted with the basics, then just keep an eye out for interesting stuff as it becomes available.

Take a look at the Krenov style hand planes. There was a project with a good link to a basic set of plans:

A spar plane would be a good candidate for building this way. It something that is pretty hard to find.
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Hi Dkirtley.
I think I totally understand the message you have. I am working against an actual tool list requirement that is staged according to the participation. I have taken that very same list and I know what Lee Valley want. I also have done some reconnoitering on Ebay, Kajiji and Craigslist for the needed pieces and I am seeing some there and their market prices. Obviously some of our peers here, (yourself included no doubt) have many 10s of Ks$ easily tied up in your tools and and that wouldn't work for me. What I am hoping is that someone may well have a fraction of that, and that base set could be could be passed on to a worthy home at fair value. I say worthy as I understand that your tools have attachment and each peer on here I am certain would like to see anything they let go of, used and cared for for years to come. I know I can do that. Important also is that there may be a local connection. Buying someone out and shipping it here, wouldn't prove to be as attractive as someone I might be able to visit within the region.

I see the cheap Chinese implementations of some pieces and I can appreciate what that will represent for some choices of tools that I may need to still acquire. Typically I have never chosen cheap over quality, so even now that would be last choice maybe reserved for something used infrequently.

I bought a nice ( i think) German compass set on ebay tonight for $18 + $12. I have been bidding on few planes but let them go as I wasn't convinced to go higher yet, hoping I may find some locally or perhaps be directed towards something like the tool set idea.

I appreciate the direction to the plane projects, interesting. I was also thinking of simple wooden mallet project. It will prove to be difficult to get on those prior to being required for course work.

I figure it can't hurt to put the tool lot idea out there. In the past day I have heard of two separate instances of recent, where wives were having to part with their departed husbands collections and another where downsizing forced their hand. These collections were made to sound affordable against the cost of acquiring my first wish list at the store. I can see there would be tools I might not use and others would still need to buy in any such arrangement. That entire no straight lines on a boat thing probably makes for some major differences right?

I will try and get my tools list posted, perhaps that will be helpful to discussion. I am grateful for your and everyone's comments. It nice to have such interest and support.
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The only real hard part is meeting a fixed schedule for getting the tools. Ebay will kill you getting them one at a time because of the shipping on individual items so a bundled order does make sense.

Some of the online old tool dealers would be a good bet. has some links. If they are on that list, they will be good to work with.

It will be a given that you would get the most bang for your buck getting used tools. Once you get past the collector stuff, they can be had reasonably. I like Lee Valley but a more "one stop shop" for the kind of things you will be looking for will be

Frog Tool as a bunch of the more hard to find items. Pretty old school for ordering though.

I would be interested in seeing the tool list. What school?

You might also find these blogs from another person going through a career change and getting into wooden boat building. Very interesting:

A shipwright in training:

And his current blog at:
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Hey DKirtley….what is your name please?

The first link revealed this article. Anyone who didnt read it should. You have to sign up the NYT free membership to read but it is no hassle. I have it PDF'd if anyone really wants it. Excellent read, will try and follow MATTHEW B. CRAWFORD more in future. Thanks for the recommendation.

NYTimes article - The Case for Working With Your Hands

Exploring just a scratch further I can see this blog you recommended will be countless hours of late night reading. You have bedeviled me kind sir!
David is the name. Torture is my game :)
Hey David, if you like to send me a message at thanecampbell/at/ I will send a scan of the toolist

the school is Silva Bay Shipyard School
Sure thing but my email is the same as my username at gmail.
heres alittle something that might help, it figures he took it down but i wrote his # down here it is 937-336-2822 he had a whole shop for sale on craigs list.
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