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Walnut Firewood

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I purchased a load of firewood today from a charity and had it delivered to my shop. I almost fainted when they started unloading it and saw almost half of it was Walnut.

I ask the guys about it. They said the sawyer they got it from was out of an 8 foot long 26 inch wide log. They asked him why didn't he saw it into boards. He told them, his interest was firewood only.

I doubt very seriously I can take this home and poke it in a wood heater.

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A buddy of mine brought me an unsplit walnut round from his friends firewood stack that was wating to be split. It was about 12" across and a little over that long. After I cut it in half to prep for turning a bowl, I discovered that it had a curly figured grain. I sliced it up in to short boards for some future box making. It's been drying for about a year now. I guess I should start thinking about making something with it. If that log was all figured like that, I can only image what it would have been worth sawed into lumber or slabs.
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