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Walnut Firewood

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I purchased a load of firewood today from a charity and had it delivered to my shop. I almost fainted when they started unloading it and saw almost half of it was Walnut.

I ask the guys about it. They said the sawyer they got it from was out of an 8 foot long 26 inch wide log. They asked him why didn't he saw it into boards. He told them, his interest was firewood only.

I doubt very seriously I can take this home and poke it in a wood heater.

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It makes me sad to know how much beautifully figured grain has gone up in smoke. I've cited this example before, except that it wasn't beautiful grain, just some really nice walnut. I was at the local Salvation Army store talking to one of the guys about wood that was available from things like dressers that were donated, but had the drawer front nailed shut because the drawer was broken, stuff like that. I could use the wood for projects for our Cub Scouts. I asked what they did with that sort of thing, and he pointed to their crusher. As we were talking, a guy drove up with a forklift with bunch of stuff on it. One of those things was a 5 foot by 5 foot walnut "room divider", for lack of a better name. "Can you use that?", he asked. I said, "Sure!". I'm ashamed to admit that that wood didn't make it into the Cub projects, but plenty of other stuff did. I posted this project before, but I'll post one view here to show a small amount of what I rescued from the crusher. View attachment 3860050
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