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Walnut Firewood

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I purchased a load of firewood today from a charity and had it delivered to my shop. I almost fainted when they started unloading it and saw almost half of it was Walnut.

I ask the guys about it. They said the sawyer they got it from was out of an 8 foot long 26 inch wide log. They asked him why didn't he saw it into boards. He told them, his interest was firewood only.

I doubt very seriously I can take this home and poke it in a wood heater.

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Thanks folks for all your replies. I contacted a friend down in Athens that makes boxes and turnings and has already came and gotten the Walnut.

Due to Walnut dust causing serious illness and death to some people allergic to it, I don't allow Walnut in my shop anymore. I have two long time clients that visit my shop often, and when they both told me they had been hospitalized because of Walnut dust, that stopped me from using it anymore.

I'm still mad because someone that should know the value of Walnut, bucked the log and split it into firewood, especially when he has a bandsaw mill.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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