Fox Chapel Publishing - Wild & Wacky Birdhouses and Feeders (Rating: 5)

This review is from the January 2012 issue of our LJ eMag.

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Wild & Wacky Birdhouses and Feeders

Wild and wacky is for sure!!! When I first got the book I immediately started picking out the birdhouses that I would like Rick to build this year. But, before I knew it I think I had every birdhouse checked.

  • There is a cute "piano" feeder that will be a perfect draw prize at my brother's annual Bluegrass Jamboree
  • There is a unique "robin" house for, you guessed it, robins! I just have to have one of those
  • There are cutesy birdhouses that just beg to be built

The fantastic variety of projects will be perfect not only for my "mini forest" that I am creating on my piece of land, but also great for gifts.

Rick has already made one of the projects as a Christmas present. It was definitely a hit and there were demands for more within seconds of the unwrapping.

Wood Table Art Plywood Box

The plans are great, the photos, wonderful, and as for inspiration - well, two thumbs up!
I love this book.

My Ratings of The Book
Layout and Appearance: Good balance of photos, how-to instructions, projects. Thumbs Up!
Instructions: Clear information and instructions Thumbs Up!
Projects Selection: A wide variety of projects. Great.
Inspiration: Birdhouses, here we come! Thumbs Up!
Overall: Thumbs Up!


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