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Visit From Karson

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I had the most pleasant visit from Karson Morrison and his son David, yesterday. We spent a couple of hours talking shop, wood and how we got to where we are.

David showed me the really neat inlay he learned how to do from acanthuscarver. The inlay was in a really nice sanding block.

Karson showed me some of the super toys their club makes for kids at Christmas. He also had the wooden platter that JefftheWoodWacker made, with him. I can tell you this piece is AWESOME!!! He also had a beautiful piece of Beech. The grain was absolutely incredible.

Top top it all off, Karson gave me 3 blanks to make some rolling pins. I finally am going to get a chance to work with woods that are not native to south central Pennsylvania! He gave me a piece of Sepal and African Mahogany. A third piece was Black Cherry (I think).

Thanks, Karson and David for a most excellent visit and the presents!

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Great that Karson came to see you. Nice when LJ's can get together and chat live and in person. Got to try and get some LJ's together here sometime soon. Seems we have more and more from NC on here now.
Lew: Thanks for inviting me, or me inviting myself. David and I had a great visit.

I hope that you enjoy turning the pieces. The Sapele wood was spelled incorrectly.

Thanks for showing me your jigs.
Thats great that Karson really gets around.Sounds like fun
Well, I guess I showed my ignorance of exotic woods :^(
sounds like a good visit…wish i was on the east coast…then i go outside 365 days a year…never mind…
Napaman - we DO go outside 365 days a year… sometimes we feel our fingertips, and sometimes we don't…

lew, Karson - sounds like a hoot! always nice to have LJs over.
You're right, Sharon, he is something else. His knowledge of wood types is unbelievable. If you ever get a chance to see his wood collection/storage you'll be overwhelmed!

Matt, east coast weather is just like west coast weather- except here we do it to extreme and change it on an hourly basis.

You're right, CJ. It is so interesting to exchange ideas and get different views about woodworking.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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