Onieda Air Systems - Plastic Dust Deputy (Rating: 2)

I ordered 2 of the Oneida Dust Deputies to set up on two different shop vacs since they were on sale for $39.
Opened them up and the tops on both of them were a bit skewed. I pressed on the section that looked like it was not on all the way and POP, off it came. Looked at the second one and barely gave it a tap and …...bummer.

I kinda had to laugh because it was not a total surprise after lilredweldingrod's review
I was hoping they had remedied this fault by now.

After a closer examination, it was obvious the adhesive they used was only covering about 20% of the joint. I tried to get a close up of it but could not get it focused well.

Time to make some lemonade. Pulled out the Three Systems epoxy and reassembled them. Should be good to go by tomorrow morning.

I'll update this when I get them assembled on some buckets. As of right now, 2 stars is generous. I'm sure I'll raise that when operational. I'm sure they'll work great…...(crossing fingers).....