Pax - 22" Handsaw (Rip, 4.5 TPI) (Rating: 4)

I was reluctant to buy this saw because the reviews online did not seem too positive. The main complaint was the handle, which was said to be uncomfortable. But, I decided to buy it anyways because I didn't think I'd use this saw as much as my smaller saws.

When I received the saw, the handle felt much better than I expected. In fact, I think it was comfortable. The handle is not as nice as the Veritas saws I have though, so I knocked off 1 star for that.

I ripped some poplar and it cut well. I am not someone who is experienced using handsaws, but I was able to get this saw to cut reasonably straight. I also ended up using it a lot more than I anticipated because I have 2 other rip saws: the Veritas dovetail saw, and a japanese ryoba. The dovetail saw is too small for anything but joinery. I find the ryoba difficult to control, so I use the Pax handsaw a lot. I do plan on buying a tenon saw in the future though, and that will reduce my usage of the Pax handsaw, but for now, I have no complaints about this saw.