Veritas - Planing Stop (Rating: 5)

I purchased the Veritas Planing Stop from Lee Valley (,41637) about a month ago. I'd had a planing stop I made myself, but I managed to crack it, so I decided to give this one a try. The stop is about 10 in wide and a little over 1 in deep. It has 2 metal posts that fit into standard 3/4 in dog holes on your workbench. The posts slide along the bottom of the stop in a T track.

I have dog holes in 2 patterns on my bench: parallel to the front along the middle and left and perpendicular to the front on the right side. I've used this stop in both patterns and it's worked great. I've planed boards up to 2 in thick and down to 1/4 in thick and not hit the stop once. I've used it by itself and with the board cinched between the stop and a dog in my front vise. It works just fine either way, though I prefer with the board cinched.

This is the sort of accessory that you can make yourself, but if you have the money and inclination, I'd strongly recommend this stop. The ease of adjusting the posts to suit your dog holes and its overall functionality make it well worth the money.