Lee Valley - Mini Edge Rounding Plane (Rating: 5)

I love this plane. I use it all the time. It is a very small plane that fits into the palm of your hand. I bought it from Lee Valley and the picture at Lee Valley makes it seem larger than it really is. I think the person holding it in that picture must have smaller hands because it is a really small plane. When I first bought it, I also bought other things and I had trouble finding it in the box when the parcel came.

The iron in it also keeps an edge for a long time. I was very surprised because I figured it's some cheap, made in China tool. The back wasn't flat and the bevel also had deep grinding marks, but once it was prepped and honed, it works very well.

I usually use this as a pull plane because it is more comfortable to use that way. You can push it, but the iron extends into your palm, and after pushing it a while, that iron starts to cause some discomfort. The way the plane is shaped, it is shaped for pulling. When you are pulling it, the shape of the plane conforms to your hands. It is actually a tool where the maker did put some thought into the ergonomics.

I really like this tool, and sometimes, I'll round over the edges of my scrap wood, just because it is so fun to use.

It was really difficult to give a rating, but I think a 5 star rating is appropriate here. The only con I can think of it that the iron was not flat, and the bevel had the deep grinding marks. But, this is a $25 plane, and that small iron did not take long to flatten and hone… so I give it 5 stars.