Freud - LU87R Thin Kerf Rip Blade (Rating: 5)

Last week I received this saw blade from Rockler. This is my first "professional" blade, until now just used the blades that came with the machines I bought or some cheap blades I could get a local stores.

In my last proyect I realized 2 things (using the dewalt blade that came with the saw)

1.- Big quantity of wood consumed by each cut
2.- The finish was VERY poor I couldn't glue the faces without sanding…

The things that made me choose this blade:

1.- Thin kerf: this generates a LOT less wood consuption on each cut, and also helps my small table saw to deal with bigger stock. its very good for under powered saws.
2.- price, even adding shipping and taxes was a very good choice compared to local available ones.

The blade does what it says, it is incrediby steady, don´t make noise when cutting and the finish is EXCELENT!, I even tried to crosscut, something this blade is NOT for… and it cuts really better than my old blade.

this was so good I'm asking rockler for a crosscut blade for my next shipment

more information at my blog