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Versacut vs Saw Max

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I'm really thinking a mini circular saw would be a handy tool for sheet stock cutting. So the big question..
Which is the better tool: Rockwell Versacut or Dremel Saw Max? Anyone have experience with these tools?
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I don't have the first clue, but I'll be watching this thread for those who do.
I had lung surgery about 18 months ago and find it very difficult to cut sheet goods on my table saw. Wifey bought me a Rockwell Versamax for this past Christmas. It works well and once you get used to the laser guide it is vary handy to use. I also have a larger cordless B&D saw mounted to a Kreg Rip Guide and it also helps. I have no experience with the other saw you mentioned but I like the Rockwell saw and would give it a 4 1/2 stars only because it is a corded saw not cordless. I recently used it to break down a piece of plastic coated 3/4" particle board and it cut like a dream.
I've been considering one of these to cut boxes apart-- how wide is the kerf?
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