Veritas - Skew Block Plane (Rating: 5)

The Christmas present that keeps on shaving. My wife suprised me while making me decide what plane to get. A devious plan at the least, but she pulled it off. I helped a friend decide on this plane as the most versatile over the Lie Nielsen skew block plane. The major factor was the adjustable mouth. I opted for the 01 blade, usually suggested by hand tool gurus for low angle instruments.
And now for the review… The fit and finish are far above any tool I have previously owned, the sole is fairly shiny, and dead flat ( out of the box!). The instructions are elaborate, there are set screws that need adjusting too keep the blade from wandering side to side, very easy to adjust, but it is important not to tighten or snug them, they are only there to guide the blade. The depth adjustment is very precise, and contains maybe 1/10th turn "slop", if that. The locking wheel, that keeps pressure on the blade after adjustment, the instructions are very specific, not to over tighten this, it could distort the sole, but works very well. The adustable mout is easy to adjust, and includes another set screw that can be set to prevent the mouth from closing into the edge of the blade, ingenious! The fence, is very easy to adjust and install. The scoringr wheel that is to score the wood ahead of the blade for cross grain cuts, is very adjustable, both up down, and in and out, so it can be set to precisely the blades edge. The blade, came quite sharp, and only required a little honeing, I took it to 8000 grit, and all this required starting at the fine stone, then 4000, then 8000, in just minutes. It is great to own a tool of the quality and innovative features, it was created by some people who really care, and really think about the tools they are making.
Thanks for checking this out.