Veritas - Prarrie Dogs (Rating: 5)

So I snuck one of the pair out of the Christmas pile and installed it my bench yesterday.
There's been a blind hole just in front of my vice for years, where there used to be one of those zinc
bench stops that you screw up and broke, did some filling and just left a 3/4 hole for regular dogs.
This required me to put a dowel in the bottom of the hole to shorten the depth for the new springy guy.
Install done, works great, cheap and once again I have a dedicated dog to match the one on the vice. Not sure just where the other will go after the hollidays yet.(things kinda like playing wack a mole so I guess that's the explanation for the name ;-)

I know there've been some reservations about metal dogs expressed, (Don W maybe ?) but over the years I've only managed to sand the tops on occasion, and that includes the orriginal steel ones Veritas started with.
And here's the Lee Valley description..

"This is a clever bench dog. Whenever you need a stop, simply press the top and the dog pops up and locks in its raised position (about 5/16" projection), ready for use. When you're done, just press down on the top again to recess the stop into the hole, where it conveniently remains at the ready.

When used in a through hole, the dog sits on a steel plate that is screwed to the underside of the work top; a strong rare-earth magnet at the base of the dog holds it firmly against the plate. To free up the hole for other duty, the plate is easily pivoted out of the way, and the dog removed. A countersunk washer is supplied for blind-hole use.

The body of the dog is turned from solid brass rod, so it is non-corroding and kind to your tools. The 2° inward slope of the face holds wood securely. The spring mechanism is height adjustable to accommodate hole depths of between 2" and 2-1/2" with a diameter of 3/4" (for deeper holes, a dowel spacer can be used). Sold in pairs.

Additional stop plates are available in a package of four to allow you to set up additional bench locations.

Made in Canada. Patent pending.

A. Veritas® Prairie Dog™, pair
05G10.22 $24.50

B. Extra Stop Plates, pkg. of 4
05G10.24 $3.50

Set of Veritas® Prairie Dogs (2) & Extra Stop Plates (4)
05G10.26 $27.00 "