Veritas - Low-Angle Jack Plane (Rating: 1)

I've been looking for a new jack plane to replace the turn of the century Stanley 5 1/2 that i've been working with for a long while (For sale btw, if anyone is interested)..

Finally decided on the Veritas Low Angle Jack.. Basically the options were the LN 62, the Veritas Low-angle jack, a LN #5 or a wood river #5. I didn't love the price of the LN #5 and, while i'm happy with my other wood river, I wanted to try one of the low-angle jacks since so many people rave about them. Went for the Veritas mostly because I really wanted the PM-V11 Blade.

Long story short, Went to Lee Valley, which is a 2 hour round trip, and purchased the new plane.

First problem: Lee Valley is having trouble keeping up with the demand for the PM-V11 blades, so they offered to ship the blade in about a week once they get them off back order. Great customer service that they would ship it free, but I like to play with my toys NOW. But, fret not, i realised that i could still give it a whirl with the blade from my Veritas Bevel Up Smoother plane.

Got it home and all excited, i pulled it out of the box, where i immediately noticed the following:

1) The tote was VERY loose, only 1 turn away from falling off
2) The knob was also super loose
3) The sliding toe did not slide AT ALL
4) The sliding toe was about 1/16th low at the mouth (See pics below)

Rectangle Font Measuring instrument Ruler Wood

Ruler Measuring instrument Office ruler Font Metal

Anyways, nothing I did could free the sliding toe, and with the huge hollow at the mouth, the plane was useless.

I have to say that I was very disappointed. My experience with Lee Valley and Veritas Tools has always been great. I am disappointed that this managed to pass their quality control and made it into the hands of a customer.

Now, the other side of the story:

This morning, I sent a quick e-mail to Lee Valley's customer service department outlining my disappointment that I wouldnt be able to use the plane for a small project I had lined up this weekend. I didnt really want to make a 2 hour round trip to exchange it, and I didn't want to have to box it and send it snail mail back and wait for them to process an exchange and send another out.

I got a reply within 10 minutes. They offered to ship out a new plane, TODAY, express post, so that it would be in my hands by friday. The new plane would come with a pre-paid return box to send back the defective plane.

I have to say, that while im disappointed by the tool, I'm very impressed by the customer service. Guess ill just have to wait a few days to find out if this thing is as good as everyone says…