Veritas - Camber roller attachment (Rating: 5)

After years of using an ROS to sand and smooth all my projects I finally said enough and started collecting good user planes over the last couple of years. I had played some with a #5 jack plane but had left my #4 smoother unattended other than to derust it. I pulled it out today, took the blade out and got out my Veritas honing guide. I had purchased a camber roller attachment for it last year and hadn't tried it out yet. I don't know what took me so long. It made putting a camber on that plane blade dead simple. Just follow the simple instructions and you cannot help but get a sharp, perfect camber. My sharpening skills are fair freehand but this camber attachment makes getting an accurate camber far easier than freehand. I coupled the Veritas with a set of Norton waterstones from 220 to 8000 and am able to turn out some great sharp edges on my tools. One of the best woodworking purchases I ever made. Willow the brown dog thinks so too. She loves the plane shavings, although I won't let her eat them like she would like. They probably are better for her than the sticks and chunks of wood I catch her chewing on.