Veritas - Brass Bench Dogs (Rating: 5)

I have only used these dogs for a couple of days and so far I am very impressed.

I was one of those that said, bahhha I don't need to spend $30 bucks on something I can make out of wood. But, I wanted to add some bling to my bench and reward myself for accomplishing my bench build.

What sold me was going to Highland Woodworking, opening a box and inspecting a pair of these dogs and feeling the gripping face. There is a texture there that is not entirely apparent by looking at them. Besides the cross hatch pattern there are raised burrs and a ridged texture that doesn't come across in pictures. You can file your finger nails with it. It's nice and rough.

When clamping a piece of wood between dogs in my wagon vise the grip is amazing. I can move the bench around and the wood does not move. I cant do the same with wooden dogs.

Also, for those that think that these brass dogs can damage your planes if you accidentally hit them. I can confirm that it does not appear to be an issue.

Last night I hit one of these dogs with a pretty aggressive cut from a vintage Stanley #5, one with a vintage thin iron. And the plane iron won. I took a gouge out of the brass dog and the cutting edge is not damaged but is dulled in one spot. It still cuts but will need to be sharpened.

In short, there is no comparison between these dogs and shop made dowel dogs. IMHO if you have round dog holes and an end vise on your bench you should seriously consider buying a pair of these. Especially if you do a lot of hand planing.

Edit: One last thing. I did have an issue with them fitting into the 3/4" holes I had already drilled in my bench. I had to do a little sanding to get them to fit. Not sure if this was caused by the diameter of the dogs or if my bench shrunk after drilling the holes (still a little green). I'll have to check the exact diameter of the dogs.