Veritas - Beading Tool (Rating: 5)

Just got done cutting a bead into another project.

-The fence is great. One of the best features, in my opinion. Regular scratch stocks don't have this fence that has a large surface area. It's easy to keep the tool aligned with the work. With beading tools/scratch stocks, if the fence slips away from the edge of the work, you've got a ruined bead, and it looks awful. The fence also can be changed many different orientations to do flat or curved work. I can't think of a curve that it couldn't handle.

-The blades are really easy to make your own custom. I've done this, and was pleased with the results

-The blade holder is really simple and holds the blades very well.

-Long handle really gives you good leverage. I think this is an improvement over the standard scratch stock.

-I think the learning curve is a lot quicker on this than if one was to make his own scratch stock.

-Build quality/fit/finish is excellent.

-This is a great way to make a blah-looking surface to the next level. Got a boring, flat skirt around that night stand? Bring on the beading tool!


-Cost: Its about $100 if you get the tool and an extra set of blade inserts

-The adjustable ball hande is a little short. Your hand can rub on the work surface a lot. I'd like it taller/longer.

-Maybe not a true "con," but this thing is a work out. Think of hand planing a workbench or tabletop. I guess that's what I get for using a handtool! Haha.

I teetered between 4 and 5 stars, but the knob handle issue really doesn't bother me that much, and overall, it's just a great tool, so I'll go with 5 stars.