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Vega Table Saw Fences

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Has anyone had recent experience with Vega table saw fences? I need to replace the fence on my Rockwell cabinet makers saw and am looking for recommendations. Biesmeyer is out of my budget range.


Phil Stevens
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Not recently, but put the commercial version on a Craftsman about 15 years ago and loved it.

Smoother than both the Unifence I have now and a bunch of Biesmeyer's I use at work.
I've had one for 20 years and love it.
Phil - I've used a friend's Vega, and had one in the shop for a few weeks on an old Cman TS that I refurbed. It's a nice fence that I could definitely live with. At even money, I prefer the Biese, but given the reality of most budgets the Vega is fine at the right price. I'd also consider looking into a deal on the Shop Fox Classic @ $247 shipped, HTC, or Jet Exacta II.
p.s.: The Delta T2 is a nice bargain at $157 shipped from Tools-Plus.
I have the Vega fence and Finger Saver for my well tricked out Delta Contractor's saw vintage 1990. I purchased them about a year ago. The fence is excellent. It shifts about .005 to the right, probably insignificant, when you lock it, otherwise perfoms simply and reliably. I use a Wixey digital read out with it, like it for simplifying the arthimetic when doing repetitive cuts, especially if you have to include the blade width in a particular shift.

I set it up and adjusted it when I got it, and have not have to do anything to it since. No problems, no maintenance. It just works. I don't even think about it. In other words, it just does it job without any fuss.

The finger saver needs about a half inch thickness piece to work properly, but I have made a little wood cutout that allows it to work on thin material. The finger saver makes cutting thin pieces much safer.

I bought these before I was on LJ's, decided it was a good value, and bought it not being sure I wanted to get into woodworking as a hobby, so I didn't want to get too expensive. Subsequently I saw a review in one of the woodworking mags of after market fences and they gave it the best buy rating.

So, 5 stars from me at this point….........

Alaska Jim
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I second what Alaska Jim said. I have the same fence and it works great.

The only negative I could offer is that I sometimes have difficulty getting the "micro adjustment" cam lock to hold securely. Usually a wack with a push stick is all it takes.
I have the Vega fence on my Powermatic 63a table saw I bought in 1988. I set the fence in 1988 and check it again in 1995 before a major project. It had not gone out of alignment in that time. It's very solid and the only problem I have had with it is the rear rail slide wears down with time lowering the fence to the table. I inserted a washer under the phenolic slide and adjusted it's high and was back in service in 15 minutes.

As Knotscott suggested, I would consider the Shop Fox Classic … I did ( ) and it was a terrific value.
I have a Biesmeyer sitting on the shelf, rails and all. I don't care for it at all. I use a Vega on my Delta saw. Lite wight, and micro adjuster to boot. Good tool.

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