Vega - PRO 50 Table Saw Fence System: 42-Inch Fence Bar, 50-Inch to Right (Rating: 5)

I needed to increase the cutting capacity of my table saw and last fall I bought a Vega Pro 50 fence system. I originally wanted to get a Biesemeyer, but I really need both my legs and both my arms. My table saw is a Rigid 2424. I wanted to use the fence for a while before writing a review. I have put it through the paces and the following is my take on the fence.

Aftermarket fences can be really expensive and may require a good amount of modifications to your table saw. That was not the case with the Vega. It used existing mounting holes and was not really that difficult to initially install. This thing is built like a brick ####house and it is heavy. I installed it alone and it was a little cumbersome. I am sure if there was a second pair of hands it would have been easier.

The front and rear rails are really stout. They have, for lack of better terms, jack-brackets for adjusting and leveling the rails. They jacks work but are not highly engineered or finished. Some of the edges required filing to remove the burrs from manufacturing. The rails also come with plates that can be used for adding an extension wing. They also required some filing to remove the sharp burrs. I understand the degree of finish is required to keep the cost down and I found that this was acceptable. In the long run I am more concerned about value and accurate function over form.

The fence is built like an ocean liner but moves easily and smoothly along the rails. The head locks securely to the front rail and there is a rubber bumper that just rides along the rear. I have not any issues with the fence moving or flexing during use. A real plus. The head also has an adjustment screw for making minute moves to the fence. No more bumpin n thumpin. Another big plus. At first I did not think I would be using that much but I find myself using it constantly. It is really nice to have that kind of control to move the fence to shave that gnat's ass, so to speak.

The fence also comes with and rear rail hook if you are using and accessories that may cause the fence to lift. Using it is optional. I took mine off so I could get my out feed table as close to the saw as possible and I do not use anything that could cause the fence to lift.

It did take a bit of time to get the fence square to the blade and was just a little shy of frustrating. The head has 4 hex socket head bolts that are loosened to adjust the fence. The problem I was having was when the fence was gauged to be parallel to the blade, and I would start to alternately tight the bolts, the fence would move. I tried to clamp the fence into position but found that you could get constant control because of the rubber bumper compressing and cause the fence to shift. I overcame this by adding a couple of washers to each bolt and a couple of squirts of white lithium grease and then slowly started to tighten the bolts in an alternating pattering. The fence is now .0005 -.001 open from the blade. Perfect in my book.

The head has a non-magnified sight window for measurements. It is adjustable to tune it to the scale on the front rail. I does sit a little high from the tape so if you are not careful parallax could be a problem. With bifocals and crappy eyes there was a learning curve. Nonetheless, it is accurate if you are paying attention to you line of sight.

Now that it is all dialed in, I do have to say that I am really glad I bought this. The repeatability, its mass, increased cutting capacity, ease of fine adjustments, being American made and the affordability was exactly what I was looking for. I am sure that this fence will serve me well for years to come.

I would recommend this fence, at least look into it if you are in the market for an aftermarket fence.