Vega - #D-48 (Rating: 5)

This duplicator is the best manual duplicator for the money that I have used. It comes in different lengths and different price ranges. It has a variety of different adjustments. When you buy it, It comes with the aluminum extrusion, the chain, the spoked guide wheel, the blade holder head, the cutter, two center point brackets ( for holding round turnings as a template) and it also comes with 3 different stylus.The cutter head is spring loaded and can be locked if you just want to make a straight run. Because this is a manual duplicator you have to go from your high point to your low point. Don't go from low point to high point or you will bend the stylus. In other words on your beads start at the furthest point away from center and move towards center. The head is spring loaded so it will automatically go forward. For the templates you can use an actual turning or you can cut a design out of 1/4" plywood and insert it in the groove on the extruded beam. It comes with thumb screws for holding templates. The manufacturers do have a web site ( ) but you can't contact them they do all there business through dealers. They also have accessories for the duplicator like: a spiral attachment, a router attachment, a small center bearing, and a large center attachment for thin turnings. This is a great tool if you have to turn multiple turnings of the same design. You can also see a video on you you tube, search: woodcraft presents vega lathe duplicators.