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Value of Steel City Table Saw

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I hope this is the correct place to post this question. The seller is asking $600 OBO for the saw. Any suggestions on a fair offer? Any opinions on the saw?

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Is that a hybrid or a 3hp cabinet saw?
I bought a Unisaw 3HP fpr $400.00, this seems to be high.
It's got the big cabinet mounted trunnions and is a nice saw with a terrific fence. $600 isn't out in the weeds IMO, but I'd ask what they'd take for it, or would offer somewhere between $500-$550. The DC seems very high.
I am going to look at it tomorrow. If it's in good shape I'll make an offer of $400 and go from there. Thanks for the help.
It's a very solid saw with a terrific fence. The DC I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole at the price he's asking.

I'm willing to bet he gets 500-600 for the saw and not long from now. Nice thing about the steel city fences is they are all interchangeable. If you want 50" rails it will only cost you $129 if I remember correctly and they are direct bolt on, no drilling or tapping.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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