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Vacuum pump for veneer

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Not sure if I picked the correct forum
I picked up a JB Industries EV6E vacuum pump at an estate sale. I want to get into veneering and this was the first step. I am looking for some info on what I need to set up this pump. I know I'll need a pressure gauge, vacuum bags and hoses, but what else? I'm guessing this is a pretty broad question. All help is appreciated.
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Hi Steve, I only use my vacuum pump for my lathes vacuum chuck, and the occasional HVAC job.
But, I would contact Scott Grove to ask about veneer work.

He may very well have tutorial videos out there too.

He can definitely get you the right information.
Good luck,
Any of the parts you need can be had from Veneer Supplies. You'll find he sells just about anything you'll need, and if you peruse the site you'll find some good tidbits of advice.
Is that pump rated for continuous duty? Not all are.
A veneering setup is pretty simple and you already know most of what you need. You need to choose a connector system unless your bag maker has chosen one for you.
FWIW - JB Industries DV-6E vacuum pump is 2 stage pump designed for low vacuum applications like HVAC install/repair. It is capable of pulling significantly lower vacuum than needed, or desired when using vacuum bag techniques on veneer.
Left unchecked for long period of time, that pump can suck holes into plastic bag and ruin your project. Before using this pump; read up on vacuum bagging methods, and the use of a bleeder valve to control proper vacuum level based on pressure (pounds per sq ft) desired for veneer lamination size.

There are a massive number of online resources for vacuum bag processing (outside of wood veneer), thanks to composites for aeronautics, and transportation. Most are on sites that want to sell you stuff, but have great technical info.
IME - you don't need a lot of expensive 'made for vacuum bagging' materials for small veneer projects. Can get started with cheap vinyl shower curtains (vacuum bag) and polyester batting (breather cloth) from Wally world. Can find heavy duty 3M plastic sealing tape for cartons, and inexpensive Butyl Sealant Tape (roofing section) of Homer Depot (bag sealers). About the only thing not available in retail stores in the special puck-stem air fittings for bagging film, and accurate low vacuum vacuum gauges.

After you have gained some experience with process, and you decide you want to build a permanent bagging setup in your shop; then you can spend big bucks for thicker stretchable bagging films, CNC platen with permanent vacuum connections, and make a permanent sealing frame to reduce waste generated.

Best Luck.
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Thanks everybody for your help
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