Total Boat - Halcyon Clear Varnish (Rating: 4)

I have been working with woods that have bright colors when freshly cut and worked. The problem with these woods, is that the color fades quickly over time. I was going to give up and move on, when someone recommended this finish for it's UV protection, so I thought I would give it a try.


HARD CLEAR FINISH: The end finish is hard and smooth, and looks great.
COLOR: The color is bright and true. It looks like the wood is wet. The colors are bright.
SPEED: This is the good and bad of drying fast. It really was dry after an hour. The directions says it is completely dry after an hour and can be recoated very quickly. This really was the case.
APPLICATION: This product comes out milky and then dries clear, so it is pretty easy to see where you have been.
CONTAINER: I found the bag easy to work from, and ended up making a small hole in the foil that covered the opening and just squirted the product out onto the wood and worked it around with a foam brush.

EXPENCE: I bought a pint for $18. My project is very small, so not much is needed.
SPEED:You better be fast! The package says you have 40-90 seconds to work the wet edge. I think it is even shorter than that. Maybe 30-45 seconds to work the wet edge. That means you need to be organized, have a strategy, and work quickly.

Because I am mostly interested in the UV blocking characteristics of this product, I took a scrap from my project and decided to conduct an experiment. I wrapped a piece of painters tape around the whole piece (blocking the light), left the back side untreated, and on the front coated one side with two coats of polyurethane, and the other side with two coats of Halcyon. I plan to keep this piece out in my sun room, and I will post pictures of it every three months or so…