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UV plywood Orange peels and starved areas

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Is any friend know how to avoid Orange peels and starved areas ? That will influence the quality of making cabinet, or not?
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I'm assuming that you mean the finish on the plywood is having orange peel problems, and some areas look as if it wasn't sprayed. I would suggest just buying prefinished plywood for your interiors if that's what your intention is. That way you don't have to deal with it. Otherwise you need to figure out your finishing situation. The starved areas are easily overcome by making sure you overlap your fan by 50%. If it still looks bad you can go the opposite direction. Adjusting the pressure and output until you have the right setting is good too. If you are putting out to much air it will seemingly cause the previously shot area to "flash" and dull itself. The orange peel seems to be a reaction between the finish and the ply. You could try to wipe down the material with mineral spirits to clean any oils and crap off of it, let the spirits dry, and then spray. If it continues it may be your finish.
If you are buying the material with these problems, purchase the next grade up and see if it is better. It does influence the quality of your cabinet because the finish is what people look at, not the way it's built.
I hope I answered it. I'm sure others will have better answers.
You may want to clear up your question though, as it's difficult to comprehend.
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Thanks for your good answers,it is perfect!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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