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Using fungus to make your own spalted woods

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Hi everyone,

I was digging through the archives of Industrial Strength Woodworking online and stumbled across an article about spalting your own wood. I've always really liked the look of spalted wood for decorative projects, and was wondering if anyone had tried doing the process themselves?

Here's the article about spalting your own woods.

If you've tried it, did you use similar techniques as the ones used in the article? Do you have any other processes you use to speed up the fungus?
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I can tell you I did read somewhere if you try this with dried wood i.e kiln dried it doesn't work.The wood has to be fresh of the tree seemingly, anyway I also was told a can of beer in a plastic bag get's things off to a good start.It might be worth trying a brew or concoction of your own making adding a little beer and see.Their is plenty of information out there if you seek.So have fun and keep us informed as I too would like to try this regards Alistair
Alistair, are you just looking for an excuse to open a can of beer again. LOL
who me hick I am nevr ever ofisher policemaaan dlunkypooo.No Kent I am strictly Morphine total.with the occasional drop of tea to wash it down.LOLAlistair
Sara Robinson did a FWW #199 article on Spalting that had more details in it.
Also she has started an online how to - explaining some of the different fungi and the colors they produce, so there is some more detail than the ISW article includes. have a look here -

I have not tried spalting myself. In the FWW article - she mentioned that you can spalt Kiln dried wood. Kiln drying does kill all spores etc in the wood, but in these DIY processes you are reintroducing new live spores and moisture so it does work but is slower than air dried wood.
I cut maple…I leave it on the ground….it spalts. Mother nature knows how to do it already. Why re-invent the wheel.

Besides…it's really hard to herd those fungi and get them to do what I want.
does it only work in Indiana Catspaw?
...No that is the way we do it in Illinois too Jim.
Hey, thanks everyone for your advice (and yes it would hurt me to spend a beer on this project, but the prices we must pay for woodworking…)
and remember to be careful with spalted wood, you don't want to be breathing in any of that fungus when you cut the wood.
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