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Using a thickness planer as a molding machine

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I have a 12" craftsman thickness planer that I inherited from my father. Does anyone know if this machine could be re-Knived and used as a molding machine? I do picture framing from my shop and would like to be able to9 cut my own moldings.

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I've never done that I know my moulding machine can be used to plane. I just wonder about the strength of the blades and wear and tear on the planner plus the blades being longer than a moulder could be a problem with the blades bending.
I really don't think it would be practical at all. The head would be totally wrong for profile knives. If you changed heads, you would probably have to have them custom made. The price would be unreal. Then there would be other modifications to the machine. Not worth it for an older Craftsman. All in all, maybe it "could" be done, but would you really want to.
I would consider having a shop with a moulder run out your moulding for you. I have done that quite a bit since I don't have a moulder. They will do custom knives for a reasonable cost. (Well it depends on what you call reasonable--a lot depends on how much footage you need)

Other than that, rick3ddd had some good suggestions
Thanks everybody. I just thought I'd ask. I read a comment about a planer moulder and thought I'd see if it could be done with mine. I guess I just need more tools.
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